The NORAD Radon Detection System

The NORAD Radon Detection System is classified by NRPP as a blind continuous monitor.  As such testers using the NORAD Radon Detection System are limited to starting/ending/uploading the device to the NORAD Corp server and resetting the device.

In addition to radon concentration, the device also detects hourly reading of humidity, temperature and barometric pressure to provide the customer with conditions present at the time of the test. Motion detection and power outages are also provided to assist with tamper detection.

Analysis of the data and reporting is performed by Envirolabs Incorporated which has been performing radon tests since 1992.  


Hourly detecton of:

  • Radon (pCi/L)

  • Humidity (% )

  • Barometric Pressure (inHg)

  • Temperature (◦F)

Tamper detectection measures: motion and power disconnects.


Test Reports

The NORAD Radon Detection System test reports are among the best in the industry.  

Personalized Cover Page

Enhance your company image by providing test reports personalized with your company logo and letterhead

Hourly Data

Tabulated hourly readings of radon, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure as well as motion detects and power outages

Graphical Representations

Visualize hourly radon trends plotted against average values, as well as radon vs atmospheric pressure, radon vs. temperatura and radon vs humidity.

Summary Page

Summary page explaining meaning of results and recommended actions to be taken.